General Policies, Procedures and Miscellaneous Forms

General Policies and Procedures

Scheduling a Venue for Master's and Doctoral Recitals

ScheduleFM Instructions

Thesis or Dissertation Submission Procedures

Once a student has successfully defended the thesis or dissertation, the major professor must submit the Oral Defense Form with the signatures of the student's advisory committee and division chair to the Graduate Studies Office. The student must submit a digital copy of the thesis or dissertation to the Graduate Studies Office two weeks before the deadline established by the Toulouse Graduate School. This digital copy must be formatted as a single “.doc” or “.docx” file and must be submitted via the Graduate Studies Office Site on Canvas. This process provides the Director of Graduate Studies and the Dean of the College of Music adequate time to read and approve the thesis. Once they have done so, the Graduate Studies Office will notify the student that s/he may submit the final document to the Toulouse Graduate School. The Graduate Studies Office cannot guarantee consideration of theses submitted less than two weeks prior to the deadline established by the Toulouse Graduate School.

Foreign Language Requirement

Degree Milestone Checklists

The Checklists are tools to help students through the respective degrees and are for informational purposes only. For degree milestone information for music education go to under the "Student Information" tab.

MM performance checklist

MA composition checklist

DMA performance checklist

PhD composition checklist

PhD music history, theory, ethnomusicology checklist

International Music Students Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Guide

CPT Guide

Miscellaneous Forms

  1. Special Problems Course Request Form
  2. Committee Designation Form
    By the completion of 12 hours of graduate coursework, the student must consult with the major professor concerning the appointment of an advisory committee. After the consultation, the student should fill out this form and take it to each of the requested members. When the signatures have been obtained, this form should be returned to the Office of Graduate Studies in Music with a completed degree plan.
  3. Request for Related Field outside the College of Music
  4. Request for Self-Designed Related Field
  5. External Editor Form