College of Music Graduate Council

The College of Music Graduate Council is responsible for all graduate programs in the College of Music and serves as the graduate curriculum committee. The council will study the deletion, modification, or addition of any graduate course, the termination, modification, or creation of graduate programs and make recommendations to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The council administers various tasks in consultation with the Toulouse Graduate School.

The Council is chaired by the Director of Graduate Studies and is comprised of Chairs of the various graduate committees and the College of Music representative to the University Graduate Council. The Dean, the Associate Deans, and the Associate Dean of the Toulouse Graduate School serve as ex officio members. Additionally, two at-large members of the Category III Graduate Faculty will be elected by the plenary faculty and will serve three-year terms.

The Graduate Council typically meets from 4:00-5:30pm in the Dean's Conference Room on the first Monday of every month during long semesters.

Graduate Council Meetings (Fall 2019)
September 5
October 7
November 4
December 2
Graduate Council Members (2019-2020)
Dr. Felix Olschofka, director of graduate studies
Dr. William Coppola, music education degree representative
Dr. DIego Cubero, at-large representative (FE)
Dr. Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden, at-large representative (FE)
Dr. Joseph Klein, composition degree representative
Dr. John Murphy, jazz degree representative
Dr. Catherine Ragland, academic degree representative
Dr. Jennifer Lane, College of Music representative to the University Graduate Council
Ex Officio Members
Dr. John Richmond, Dean, College of Music
Dr. Warren Henry, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Music
Dr. Jon Nelson, Associate Dean for Operations, College of Music
Dr. Joseph Oppong, Associate Dean of Research and Professional Development, Toulouse Graduate School