Welcome to the Graduate Studies Homepage

Graduate students play a vital role in the intellectual and musical life of the College of Music in particular and the University of North Texas in general. In order that you achieve your academic and creative goals, you must know the expectations, policies, and procedures that pertain to your particular course of study. This site provides a centralized source of information for graduate students as you pursue your degree. The links in the menus above provide information pertaining to 1) incoming students, 2) particular areas of study, and 3) current students in general. In addition, please consult the College of Music Graduate Studies Organization, which is accessible on Canvas. We will use this site to distribute announcements to all current graduate students and you will use it to 1) submit topic proposals for MA, DMA, and PhD theses and 2) to sign up for DMA qualifying exams. Finally, familiarize yourself with the portions of the Graduate Catalog and the Toulouse Graduate School Website that pertain to your degree. The Graduate Studies Office is here to support your progress towards graduation. Please do not hesitate to contact us at music.grad@unt.edu for general Graduate Studies questions or concerns or music.awards@unt.edu with any inquiries about teaching assistantships and fellowships.

Qualifying Exams (DMA students)

The Qualifying Exams (for DMA students) are taken when the following conditions are met: the student has 1) satisfied all review and/or leveling courses; 2) has completed thirty hours of graduate coursework beyond the master’s degree; 3) has completed two degree recitals (in the case of performance majors); 4) has an approved degree plan filed with the Toulouse Graduate School. Part I consists of two written examinations in the student’s major field (2 three hour sessions) and one in their related field (three hours). Once the student has passed Part I, he or she advances to Part II, which consists of a two-hour oral comprehensive exam that includes questions on the written examinations and on all other areas appropriate to the degree. The major professor coordinates the qualifying exams with the other members of the advisory committee. All members of the committee grade the exams.

Oral Comprehensive Exam (MM students)

MM students must pass the Oral Comprehensive Examination covering the major and related fields. The examination may be taken no more than three times. The student may take the examination before or after the completion of the master's degree recital. When scheduling the oral examination date, the student must be aware of the Toulouse Graduate School deadline for filing the results of the oral examination in order to graduate. The Oral Comprehensive Exam Form must be submitted to music.grad@unt.edu by the major professor by the deadline in order for the student to graduate.

 Jaymee Haefner, Director of Graduate Studies, (940) 565-3739

 Colleen Conlon, Senior Graduate Academic Counselor, (940) 565-2930

 Caden Ridge, Graduate Academic Counselor, (940) 369-7772

 Katy Kinard, Sr. Administrative Coordinator for Admissions and Awards, (940) 369-8388

Graduate students must use their EagleConnect email address for all UNT-related correspondence.