Music Performance

MM in Music Performance

  1. MM Handbook (2022-2023)

DMA in Music Performance

The Doctor of Musical Arts degree is offered with majors in performance (including orchestra, voice and keyboard instruments, conducting, multiple woodwinds and jazz studies), and related fields in collaborative piano, composition, conducting, contemporary music, early music, jazz studies, music education, musicology, music theory, opera, performance, performing arts health, sacred music, or vocal pedagogy. The degree requires a minimum of three years of work represented by at least 84 hours beyond the bachelor’s degree. In addition to the first 30 hours, or the equivalent of the master’s degree in the major field, the program for the degree includes a minimum of 54 hours.

  1. DMA Handbook (2022-2023)
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Graduate Artistic Certificate in Music Performance

The Graduate Artist Certificate in Music Performance (GACP) is a non-degree program providing an intensive, two-year period of post-baccalaureate study in music performance. It is intended for exceptionally gifted and accomplished performers seeking professional performing careers, but not wishing to engage in academic studies required for a graduate degree program.

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