Graduation Deadlines

Students are responsible for knowing and meeting these graduation deadlines.  College of Music deadlines are two weeks in advance of the Toulouse Graduate School.

Fall 2023
Spring 2024   
Sept 29                                                                                                      
Feb 16                                                                                        Graduate Application Deadline (all graduate students)                                 
For information on how to apply for graduation go to TGS Graduation Information. You need to confirm that an approved degree plan is on file at the Toulouse Graduate School. You were mailed or emailed your approved degree plan with the signature of the Graduate School Dean; you do not need to submit a copy when you apply to graduate. The Graduate Studies Office is not responsible for supplying a copy of your degree plan or committee form.
October 20       
March 15 Oral Defense Forms and Critical Essays / Theses / Disserations due to the College of Music Graduate Studies Office (MA, PhD, DMA)     
The major professor and other committee members must sign and submit the oral defense form to the Graduate Studies Office. The student must submit an electronic copy of the final document to as prescribed in the College of Music Thesis and Dissertation ProceduresDocuments will only be accepted electronically.
November 3 March 29 Critical Essays / Theses / Dissertations due to the Toulouse Graduate School (MA, PhD, DMA)           
You will be contacted via email by the College of Music Graduate Studies office when your document has been approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the College of Music Dean.  After you have made any necessary edits, submit the final version of your document to the Toulouse Graduate Reader. Documents will only be accepted electronically. For information about electronic document submission requirements, click here.
November 3 March 29 Oral Comprehensive Forms due to Graduate Studies Office (MM, MMEd)
The major professor and other committee members must submit the oral comprehensive form and submit it to the Graduate Studies Office.